Guide to our Custom Laser Cutting & Engraving Service

This simple guide will take you through the basics of Laser cutting and Laser engraving and will open a world of opportunities for your creative mind to explore into. 

Laser Engraving / Cutting in a Nutshell

Laser Cutting 

It is the process of cutting any material in a 2d shape using high intensity Laser Beam. Check out the video by clicking here to better understand the concept of Laser cutting.

Laser Engraving

It is the process of removing some material off the surface of an object by burning and vapourising it using Laser Beam. Check out the video by clicking here to better understand the concept of Laser Engraving.

Why Laser Cutting ?

Why Laser Cutting

How can we serve you?

    • Our mantra is plain and simple - YOU DESIGN, WE CREATE. You just need to send us a design in any one of the following formats and select the material from the given material selection table. We will process the design and will ship the material to your location anywhere in India.
    • We can CUT, ENGRAVE and SCORE the design on the selected material.
    • If you have no idea about CAD designing, no issues we have got you covered. Talk to us on your requirement over phone at +91-9786070345 or whatsapp us by clicking the icon at the bottom right corner to make the designs for you at nominal rates.
    • Check out our custom Laser Cut and Laser Engraving projects we have successfully completed previously by clicking here.
    • If you don't find the material you are looking for in our limited Material selection table, you can source it yourself and can ship to us so that we can put our Laser magic on it and ship them back at you. Please note that we do not work on Rubber and Materials composing vinyl content in them as they produce toxic fumes upon Laser Processing.

Material Selection

How it works

You just have to select your material and upload your design by clicking here. We will analyze your design and will get back to you with a quote within 24 hrs. If the quote is finalized from your side, we shall process your order and shall ship them within 3 business days. In case of bulk orders, the duration of shipment might vary based on the ordered qty.


Our pricing is as simple as it gets - There are components to our pricing which are explained below:

Laser Cutting Pricing

Material cost

From your design, the area of material is calculated in sq.ft ( Square Feet ), then this area is multiplied by the cost of the selected material. By doing this we get the material cost .

For ex: Design dimensions = 5 sq.ft

            Material selected = 3mm Acrylic Transparent 

Then Price of 3mm Acrylic Transparent Material per sq.ft x 5 = Rs.150 x 5

equals Rs.750/-

Laser cost

We charge Laser Cost by the minute i.e., we calculate the time it takes for our machine to process the design and we multiply it with standard rates as mentioned below 

Laser Cutting cost = Rs.25/min

Laser Engraving cost = Rs.20/min

Prices mentioned are Inclusive of GST

Designing cost (Optional)

We can design on your behalf if you have no designing skills whatsoever. The designing charges are completely dependent on the complexity of the design and start at Rs.500/design.

 Limitations and Important Points

    • Even though Laser Cutting is extremely precise in nature, but the KERF ( Laser Beam Width ) might change the actual dimensions of the processed material. This happens as the thickness of the Laser beam is unaccounted for in the designing stage.
    • KERF is generally between 0.1mm -0.3mm depending on the material used. In order to avoid this problem, we shall adjust your design to nullify the effect of KERF.
    • On thicker material, there might be a taper on the edges as the Laser beam cuts material at a slight angle of 1-3 degrees.
    • On some materials like MDF and Wood, the edges will be visibly burnt due to the nature of the material.

To find out more about how to prepare your design before uploading, kindly click here